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I love visiting places. I used to entertain the fantasy of just hieing off somewhere with a barely sketchy set of details and plans. Sure it could develop into a hassle, but more than anything, it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

That was back when I was single. It was different, traveling alone. It's more peaceful; you have your own time, your own agenda and you're not answerable to anyone else. You discover things on your own and about yourself.

It's also another thing when you're with other people. A group, for example. It's immensely fun. The natural high fueled by each others' excitement and bonhomie is incredibly exhilarating.

Then, when the group scene gets to be too much, eventually there's travel for two.

I liked this best of all. You look at everything through two different pairs of eyes. Put together, you have a kaleidoscope of a trip. It's less lonely than being on your own but less intense than with a battalion.

Soon, I look forward to seeing the world through another set of eyes; my daughter's, as she starts wandering the wide, wide world.

Through the varying travel arrangements that I realized marked the progressing stages of my life, the love of discovery remain constant and true. New places, faces and the resulting adventures have never lost its appeal, no matter how few and far between my trips have become.

After all, you don’t really remember how many times you got lost on the way to a place you just vaguely heard about. You remember the sun on your face, wind in your hair and the adventure that took you 5 banca rides to get to the most amazing place on earth.

I'm also learning you don't have to go so very far away to satisfy the travel bug. Even the most mundane places can hide the most interesting things, just waiting to be looked at with fresh eyes.

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